Lucky’s Last Chance

Digging out from the snow and ice, Nachojawn and family walked the few blocks over to Lucky’s Last Chance.


Nachojawn Jr. went for the PB & Bacon (no cheese), and I ordered up an Incomparable Bacon Cheddar.IMG_4254

Simple Dark & Stormy


This is a good burger. Flip it over and dig in.


Tots>fries here, although you’re not going to go wrong either way. Nachojawn is loving the options near the new Nachojawn HQ.


More Blue Corn


Not much more to say about Blue Corn that hasn’t been said before, but I’m a sucker for a good tampiqueña.

Carne a la tampiqueña is one of the most popular meat dishes in Mexico. It was created in 1939 by the restaurateur Jose Ines Loredo and his brother chef Fidel, from San Luis Potosí, who moved to the port of Tampico, Tamaulipas. Each ingredient was given a meaning. The oval platter represents the Huasteca; the strip of the roasted meat, the Rio Panuco; the green enchiladas, the huasteco field; the white cheese, the purity of the people living in the Huasteca; the guacamole, the fruits of the region; the black beans, the fertility of the land and the oil boom in the area.

Thanks Wikipedia, and thanks Blue Corn for being delicious!

McGerks – Horsham

It’s been a while since an update from Nacholand, but rest assured there are more nachos, and more content out there. It’s winter, which means that we’re into basketball season. After the season-opening tournament we headed over to McGerks, in Horsham.

Due to some dietary restrictions, these are the chili nachos (no chili)



And since it was a two-weekend tournament, we headed right back over the next weekend.


We ordered the Southwest nachos on our return visit. Little Miss Nachojawn was amazed at the topping distribution.


These are some really good suburban nachos. They get the topping distribution right, do a nice homemade cheese sauce, and make the most of the platter-style serving. Bonus points for the corn as well. Only critique is that I could have done with a little more heat, but that’s a personal preference.

4.35/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these after a 4th grade basketball battle.

McGerks Horsham
307 Horsham Road