Tommy DiNic’s

It’s a blessing and a curse to work directly across from Reading Terminal Market. A blessing because of the plethora of lunch options, deli, produce, butcher, cheese, coffee, cookie etc.

A curse because I really, really like to eat.

Dinic’s roast pork sandwich has been named the best sandwich in America. How does it measure up in Nachojawn’s eyes?


I like my sandwich with roasted long hots. Others go for the broccoil rabe and/or provelone.


Dinic’s is always home to one of the longer lines in the terminal. Maybe second next to the Thai, whose salmon special is crazy popular.


The menu used to be a choice of roast beef or roast pork. The new selections are great too.

Best sandwich in America? It might not even be the best sandwich in Philly, or in Reading Terminal. But that’s only because we are blessed to live in the greatest city in the world. It’s a really good sandwich.


El Limon – Ardmore

Nachojawn Jr. and I had eaten at another outpost of El Limon, but this time the whole crew joined me for some pre-basketball fueling up.


Nachojawn Jr., not wanting to get too full, went with a carnitas taco and chicken taco on flour tortillas.


Little Miss Nachojawn went with the classic cheese quesadilla.


Here’s a pastor burrito with mole sauce. I ate it all.

El Limon offers free margaritas, which are of a quality commensurate with the cost.

The food’s pretty good though.

Fox & Son

You’ve read Nachojawn’s take on Meltkraft before. A couple times, in fact.

Two of Meltkraft’s finest have opened up Fox & Son in the Reading Terminal, and these two know their way around a fryer.


Here’s the standard corn dog with an order of fried cheese curds, and the chimichurri sauce. The curds come with a thin ranch dipping sauce, a splash of which ended up on my dog when I had to try a curd before I sat down.

Verdict – Yes.



After trying to work some of those calories off, I returned a week later to try this jalapeno cheddar dog. It was awesome, the cornmeal coating a little thicker than on my previous visit.


And while I was sampling, I ordered up some fresh cut fries. I told Rebecca that I’d like to see some combos on the menu, either a dog and curds, or a dog and fries, maybe with the fresh squeezed lemonade they have.

So, if you want to treat your body wrong, but your stomach oh so right, head over to the newest stand in RTM.

El Camino Real

Going through the Nachojawn photo archives, I realized that I hadn’t written up my visit to El Camino Real, in Northern Liberties. They bill themselves as Texas BBQ and Mexican favorites.


If there’s a spicy cocktail on the list, it’s a good bet that’s going to be in front of Nachojawn.


Cazadores reposado tequila, fresh jalapeño, lime juice simple syrup, orange liqueur


    • PANCHOS NACHOS…………$9

Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, crema and refried beans.

I remember these being tasty, although as Nachojawn readers know, I am not a huge fan of lettuce on my nachos. They’re not fresh enough in my mind for an honest pickled jalapeño rating, but look at them – they look pretty good, right?

Jules Thin Crust Pizza

There’s been a sharp uptick in what I think is considered “fast-casual” pizza. For the most part, it’s places like Blaze or Snap, who will let you personalize a super thin crust pizza, run it through a conveyor oven, and you’re done.

Jules Thin Crust is more of a hybrid, where you can pick slices from maybe 20 long, thin crust options. They’ll run it through the same conveyor oven to reheat.


Jules also lets you put vegan cheese on their marinara pie, which works for Nachojawn Jr.


From left to right, these are the Mexican pie with chili-lime black bean spread, mozzarella, roasted sweet corn, chopped organic tomatoes, red onions, scallions, cilantro, chipotle sour cream, a carbonara pie with bacon, carbonara sauce, organic roasted potatoes, parsley, mozzarella, and a Thai special with sausage, jalapenos, cucumber, carror and cilantro.

Not a bad option when you’re out in the suburbs before or after a game, although on occasion they’ll be wiped out, and you’ll end up having to either order a whole pie, or deal with the limited selection.