Founding Fathers

Nachojawn Jr. is in his first fantasy football league, and in a stunning bit of bad judgment, i suggested that we hold a live draft in a bar, on a college football Saturday.

With such illustrious teams in attendance as B’s Pool Busters and Twister Lister, we needed some beers and nachos.



These are the standard nachos, which I’ll note, are not as popular among the 3rd grade set as the chicken fingers.

In fact, these are the “Game Day” nachos, with black beans, colby jack, salsa roja, green onions, jalapenos, and lime crema (allegedly).

Nothing fancy, the lime crema was sour cream, and the option to add meat would have pushed these into the $15-16 range. I also don’t know if they left off the jalapenos because of the youthful crowd, but a little heat would have been welcome.

They’re bar nachos – no one is going to confuse them with any of the title belt contenders.

And speaking of championship contenders, besr of luck to Nachojawn Jr’s Superstar Dominators in the Lil’ Gronks Fantasy League this year.

Game Day Nachos – $10
2.55/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these while losing your voice screaming at 8 year olds to draft a player who hasn’t been picked 10 times before.

Founding Fathers
1612 South Street


El Mariachi Loco

Hammonton, New Jersey is the blueberry capital of the world, and also home to several Mexican restaurants of note.

On the way back from the shore one Sunday, El Dentista Loco and the Nachojawns stopped off at El Mariachi Loco for some dinner.


The burrito is the multiple Hammy Award winner, but we were here for the nachos.


Interestingly, the nachos featured a different chip than the ones given out in the basket to start. These were sturdier and better suited the dish.

There was not great layering, and Nachojawn loyal readers will know that I’m not a huge fan of the head of shredded lettuce topping the nachos. However, there was a great bean puree that really kicked up the dish a level.

These chicken nachos were pretty good, but not as good as my enchiladas mole and verde.


Nachojawn Jr. went with the mixed taco plate.


As for the nachos…

3.66/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these on your way to or from the beach, and BYO to enjoy the live singing on Sundays.

El Mariachi Loco
101 Bellevue Ave.
Hammonton, NJ

Tall Pines Day Camp

Nachojawn Jr. spends eight weeks of his summer at camp across the river in New Jersey. On Visiting Day, the camp offered us hot dogs, but I ducked into the dining hall to get the nachos I had heard so much about.

IMG_3413 (1).JPG

So, not much going on here. Cheese from a bag, chips from a bag, and salsa from a tub. I would have been surprised if they were anything else.

2.21/5 pickled jalapenos. Eat these after playing some father-son team handball.

Tom’s Dim Sum – No Nacho Content

On the edge of Chinatown, in a bizarre tunnel that serves as a seemingly unregulated bus depot sits Tom’s. Once home to Dim Sum Garden, which moved around the corner to much fancier digs, Tom’s renovated and expanded, and it’s turned out well.

Under the ownership of an original Dim Sum Garden manager (I think I have that right), Tom’s doesn’t have the cart, but they do have some dope food.


Soup dumpings


Pork and chive dumplings and scallion pancake

Shanghai noodles and Little Miss Nachojawn eating rice by hand.

Tom’s Dim Sum
59 N. 11th St.
Philadelphia, PA

The Pour House – Mountainhome, PA

Nachojawn Jr. will be off to overnight camp next summer, and the family has been visiting some camps in anticipation of the big decision of which one to choose.

While Nachojawn Jr. was off enjoying a day at camp, the rest of the family had these nachos from The Pour House, a log cabin bar and grill.



Nothing fancy, but I appreciated the corn salsa. I don’t think they’re making their own salsa in Mountainhome, PA, and one of the “three cheeses” that top the nachos was industrial nacho cheese, but I’m not going to hate on these. The chips were decent and we finished them off without complaint. The burgers and fries were pretty good, and the bar has a nice draft list too.

2.94/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these and get home in time to beat the NASCAR traffic

The Pour House
1014 Route 390
Mountainhome, PA