El Jefe de Nachos is Back! Tio Flores Review

Thanks to FON El Jefe de Nachos for this look at Tio Flores’ nachos.
This was my  first time getting the nachos here, but will certainly not be the last time. When it comes to nachos, the chips can make-or-break the meal. For Tio Flores, the chips are the MVP in my opinion that brings it all together. The distribution of ingredients are spread out well, leaving few chips behind without some sort of deliciousness. A few chips near the end of the plate that were in the middle of the dish got soggy, but just grab a fork! To sum it up, these are good.
4.37/5 pickled jalapeños
Tio Flores
16th and South Streets

Mole Poblano Revisited – Cinco de Mayo

I’ve already written about my love for Mole Poblano’s tamales. How would their nachos stand up to the critical eyes of the Nachojawn family?




The Nachojawn family hit up Mole Poblano for our Cinco de Mayo festivities, minus Mrs. Nachojawn, who was setting up for a charity auction. The Nachojawns are nothing if not philanthropic.

Little Miss Nachojawn got the nachos co queso, Nachojawn Jr. his usual tacos al pastor, and I ordered the enchiladas mole.

Sad to say, the nachos came in on the bottom of the grading scale. LMN rejected them for having “too much salad on them”. I had to agree with the low grade- there just isn’t much going on there.

Luckily, their mole is fantastic, and Nachojawn Jr. had no problem tearing through his tacos. So, while Mole Poblano remains one of the Nachojawn family’s favorites, it’s not a nacho destination.

2.78/5 pickled jalapenos – get the enchiladas, or better yet, the tamales on a weekend morning

Plaza Azteca

Following the end of the Taney Ocelot season in the AAA quarterfinals, the Nachojawn family hit the suburbs to celebrate a 10-3 season. Want some highlights? If you insist.



But you came here for the nachos. Our destination this evening was Plaza Azteca in Plymouth Meeting. It’s a really big restaurant, and was pretty crowded early on a Sunday.


Nachojawn protocol requires rewarding myself for a great season coaching first base, so Mrs. Nachojawn and I got watermelon jalapeño margaritas.


Not bad! Real watermelon and jalapeño too.

Plaza Azteca has several nacho options, but when you advertise the OMG NACHOS, you don’t need to look any father.
A mix of chicken, chorizo and applewood bacon, topped with refried beans, pico de
gallo, sour cream, guacamole and pickled jalapeños.


In an unexpected twist, Plaza Azteca went the individual nacho route, and it didn’t pay off. The chips were overwhelmed with the toppings, almost to the extent that I needed to go fork and knife to handle it.

They were relatively tasty, but the presentation and difficulty in eating really costs them. Big ups for the tableside guacamole preparation though.

2.85/5 pickled jalapeños – Eat these celebrating making it through another great youth sport season

Plaza Azteca
351 Plymouth Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA


Fountain Porter – No Nacho Content

With the recent end of the Taney Ocelot season, I wanted to take it back to the beginning. Ocelots v. Panthers at Columbus Field, with a pre-game meal at Fountain Porter.


I had heard quite a bit about their $5 burger, and it was just a few blocks away from the game. One quick UberX trip, and we were there.


Alamanac sour on draft! Bonus. Gets around that pesky no alcohol at kids’ games rule.


Nachojawn Jr. took care of his burger. We had some pickled carrots too for inspiration.


With cheers from the patrons of “Go Ocelots!” we headed out the door and over to the field for win one of many in a fun Ocelot season.



I could probably have four of those burgers.

Fountain Porter
10th and Tasker

Meltkraft – No Nacho Content

Nachojawn’s day job is really close to one of the center’s of Philadelphia food-dom, the Reading Terminal Market. It’s a frequent lunch or grocery destination, and one of the standouts is Meltkraft, the grilled cheese specialist that shares space with Valley Shepherd Creamery.


With a little lobbying, Nachojawn was able to convince the powers that be to bring back their Cinco de Mayo special.





This isn’t diet food, but you know that Nachojawn is a sucker for chorizo. If you’re at the Terminal, make your way to the back and say hi to my friends. The Cinco de Mayo is a one day special, but the Brielle is a good second choice. And in the non-grilled category, the fresh mozzarella with prosciutto is big enough for two (or one Nachojawn).


Revolution Taco

In the category of former food truckers now operating brick and mortar shops, comes Revolution Taco.



I really liked the blackberry hot sauce.


These are their version of the classic ground beef taco, double wrapped on fresh hot corn tortillas. Angus ground beef, pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese blend, & lime crème. Really tasty, but how about a nacho option?


Revolution Taco
2015 Walnut Street

Gold Angus Ground Beef tacos – $10 for 3