Iron Hill Brewery – Wilmington

Sometimes the NachoJawn family meets up in Wilimington, as it’s a mid-point between my parents and me. Actually, Elkton, MD is more of a mid-point, but since there’s only a Waffle House there, and I’m usually with NachoJawn Jr., they’ll drive the extra half hour.

So the other weekend we met up at Iron Hill Brewery. Despite their proliferation in the area, this was the first time I checked one out.

IMG_0790These are the house nachos, boasting pico de gallo, black beans, fresh jalapeños, green onion, sour cream, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses. The top plate, as I was warned, was extremely hot. Pretty decent effort by Iron Hill. It’s not tomato season, as evidenced by the pinkish tomato but good effort on the fresh pico de gallo. Similarly, nothing fancy with the cheese blend, but it was melted well.

3.8/5 picked jalapeños – Eat these with three generations of your family when you’re looking for a place close to I-95

House Nachos – $9.95 small / $12.95 large

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
620 Justison Street


Café Ynez

I was out by myself one morning and popped into Café Ynez, where I’ve picked up some pretty good rotisserie chicken for dinner on a couple of occasions. A quiet moment to myself isn’t to be wasted, so I immediately ordered these guys:

Breakfast Nachos with chorizo

Breakfast Nachos with chorizo

These are some good nachos. Crack that yolk and let it run all over. The chips are topped with guajillo salsa, refried beans, Oaxaca cheese, pickled jalapeño, sour cream, and of course that beautiful looking egg. Because I like to eat, I asked for some chorizo as well. There was nothing left when I was done.

4.6/5 picked jalapeños – Eat these when you’ve already gone to the gym in the morning

Café Ynez
2025 Washington Avenue

Breakfast Nachos – $7.00 +$3 for chorizo


So I had these nachos at a working lunch. Lolita, one of the first restaurants on the 13th street corridor clocks in with this solid entrant into nachodom.

Lolita Chicken Nachos

Lolita Chicken Nachos

These bad boys have got achiote roasted chicken, charred corn, fresno chiles, guacamole, and a queso blend going on. I’m not sure what the need is for places to put radishes on their nachos, but it’s a popular add-on that I could do without.

The flatbread look means that you’re getting a solid chip/topping ratio without the naked limp chips that you sometimes find in the middle of a nacho pile. It’s a good execution, but not the most voluminous plate of nachos you’ll find. Also, spread that avocado out – the soft serve look is a little off-putting.

4.3/5 pickled jalapeños – Eat these at a business lunch with a cucumber jalapeño margarita.

106 S. 13th Street

Yucatán Chicken Nachos – $12

Sidecar Bar & Grille

So these were the second set of nachos that my friend and I had one night, which might account for my lack of enthusiasm about them. The first plate was at Sancho Pistola’s whose review is coming up in a week. These nachos, at Sidecar, advertise melted queso caribe and chihuahua cheese, to go with housemade chorizo, black beans, and a pineapple tomatillo salsa. All sounds great, right?

SidecarI’m not sure what was missing in these nachos. In fact, it’s bothering me so much that I might just go eat them tonight. Huh, maybe that means that I liked them more than I thought I did. This is hurting my brain. I need some nachos.

4.2/5 pickled jalapeños – definitely eat these at happy hour, when they’re $7

Sidecar Bar & Grille
2201 Christian Street

Nachos with pork or chorizo – $10 ($7 at happy hour, or I think the pork ones are $7 all day Sunday)