Guest Review – Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace, Madison WI

Friend of Nachojawn, El Profesor Feliz drops this guest review on us

2015-08-14 17.30.15

Returned to Madison’s Taco Palace this past weekend to enjoy their veggie nacho plate and happy hour margaritas ($3). Initially attempted to order these nachos several weeks ago but was thwarted by our robust looking and well intentioned waiter who advised against nachos plus two entrees. I think it was good advice.

These were enjoyed post moving day and still did the trick for two. Nice layering of two kinds of cheese sauce, heavy olives, roasted corn, and the usual (jalapeno slices, shredded lettuce, diced tomato). Chips stayed crispy. Madison is known for cheese, and I’d prefer some finer cheeses shredded and melted to their liquid cheese sauce. Nothing crazy, but I’d still recommend a visit the next time you’re in town.

2015-08-14 16.38.56

Also, the selection of hot sauces was noteworthy, in particular, a local spicy Bourbonaro sweet potato hot sauce from Dashelito’s ( Gives Bourbonaro 4.5 out of 5 Hearts (Nearly flawless, highly recommended, must buy) “


Nacho Night

Not much better than make your own nacho night. Here are some highlights.


Crucially, we had chips from Tortelleria San Roman, one of the best hidden gems in the city. At 9th and Carpenter you can get a kilo of fresh tortillas for a few bucks, or bags of tortilla chips that will stand up to any topping. They also have sopes, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and blue corn chips on the weekend.

These nachos had pulled chicken, roasted peppers, guacamole, pico de gallo, black beans, some edamame corn thing, and a black bean dip. They were awesome.


Not sure everything going on with these ones but I’ll take a guess. BBQ pulled pork, grilled squash, white beans, and it looks like some flaxseed chips snuck on the bottom there.

I made some habanero simple syrup to go in the margarita pitchers, which were good. Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime & a squeeze of the syrup. All that’s needed. 3/2/1 ratio


There’s one of those margaritas up top. These were ground beef nachos with chorizo, jalapenos, guacamole and pico de gallo. Fresh and dope.


Nachojawn Jr. going after some nachos with soy cheese. My man.


Homemade in Cleveland

Coming at you from Las Delicias del Corazon are these beauties.

IMG_3708 (1)

Poblano pepper, grilled steak, garden tomato, roasted corn, scallion and Mexican three-cheese blend with a scoop of guacamole look amazing. #ThisisCLE

12th Street Cantina

Nachojawn’s office is close to the Reading Terminal Market, so I’m in there at least a couple of times a week for lunch. The fact that I haven’t reviewed these nachos yet should be an indication of where the review is going.


Now, the only thing that was interesting about these guys was the option to get chicken mole as a topping. I’m a sucker for mole, which comes in a million different variations. The most popular is mole poblano, which has about 20 different ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate, and which I could never ever make myself. This is the poor man’s version of that.

Aside from the decent chicken, we have chips right out of the bag, pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro, guacamole, pickled jalapeños and shredded cheese that I watched them microwave right in front of me. Hard pass on getting these again.

2.51/5 pickled jalapeños – Reading Terminal needs an authentic taqueria

12th Street Cantina
Reading Terminal Market
12th and Filbert Streets

Chicken Mole Nachos Supreme – $10.50

Jose Pistolas

As the second half of the Wednesday evening Nachocrawl, Jose Pistolas was at a disadvantage. The four of us headed over from Tequila’s to have some more nachos


We switched it up to the chicken tinga nachos


There’s a lot of stuff going on here. Crema, cheese, tomato, refried pinto beans, cilantro, pickled jalapeno, and onion. I was a few drinks deep at this point, so I can only give you a general opinion that these were tasty, but not as good as their brethren at Sancho’s.

Eat these with a carnitas steamed bun while watching an Eagles game upstairs.

Chicken tinga nachos – 4.05/5 pickled jalapenos

Jose Pistolas
263 S. 13th St.