Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting – Back Again

One summer tradition is the Nachojawn family pilgramage to the rooftop taco truck in Plymouth Meeting.

Blue Route Taco Truck – Plymouth Meeting

Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting Revisited

We tried our luck a third time, and it wasn’t the charm.


The nachos were lacking in flavor, and they got rid of the queso.

Bland chips, no margaritas that day. Bad news.

Nachojawn, Jr. thought his burrito had gone downhill too.

Hopefully 2017 brings a resurgence.

These are down to 3.02/5 pickled jalapenos


Tio Flores

I’ve been meaning to get over to Tio Flores for a few months now. Once rumored to be a branch of Calexico out of NYC, it finally opened with a Mexican vibe by the owners of The Cambridge.


I’d rather do happy hour than pretty much any other option, and Tio Flores had some solid offerings. Before Mrs. Nachojawn even showed up I had ordered 5 tacos, the mini nachos, and 2 Spicy Pricks, their spicy prickly pear margarita.


The Spicy Prick was really smoky, seemed like a mezcal based drink if that’s your thing. The standard house margarita was a little better, and you had the option of getting it with their jalapeño infused tequila.


These nachos might look a little different. That’s because we ordered another round of them. They were really good. The chips were seasoned with some kind of chili powder. The chihuahua and oaxaca blend was great, and the whole plate really worked well together.

4.39/5 pickled jalapeños – Eat these to kick off another summer of happy hour Wednesdays

Tio Flores
16th and South Streets

SpOt Burger – No Nacho Content

Another place that’s made the leap from truck to bricks and mortar is the fantastic SpOt Burger.


One night when Mrs. Nachojawn was out, I took Little Miss Nachojawn and Nachojawn, Jr. out for some burgers. I had to go with the Charlie Brown, my favorite since owner Josh Kim was posting up outside 33rd and Arch. Whiz, bacon, and fried onions, paired with a can of Underwood pinot noir.


LMN got a cheeseburger and pineapple soda, and Nachojawn, Jr. loaded up his burger.


Seating is tight in there, but the burgers are great. One of these days I’ll try the cheesesteak, which draws raves from FON’s El Loco Dentista and Craig LaBan

SpOt Burger
2821 W. Girard Avenue

Progressive Field

The Nachojawn family was happy to bring a bit of that nacho-based luck to Believeland.


The previous night, after Porcos, we went to Alley Cat Oyster Bar. Waiting for our table, the future World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers walked into the restaurant for a private party, where they watched Game 6 of the Western Conference championships.

The next day, the families headed out to Progressive Field.


We entered right by this stand, which I took as an omen.


Helmet nachos! There’s basically a full bag of chips in there, with queso, pulled chicken, industrial salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos.

As far as helmet nachos go, they were great. In the world of nachos, not so much.

We even got to meet Onion after the game, who lost a tough race to Mustard earlier that day.


2.95/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these to break a city’s 60 year old curse


Porco Lounge and Tiki Room

Nachojawn loves a good tiki drink.


Porco knows what’s up. I had a Zombie and another banana-ey cocktail called Planet of the Apes.


Garnish game is on point.


They have a limited menu, but there are nachos on it.


They’re advertised as “Closing Time” Nachos, and have pretty much everything in the kitchen on them. They’re pork rinds, cheese, bbq sauce, chorizo, salsa and pulled pork.

Like any self respecting Cleveland nachos, they’re massive.

3.87/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these with a drink served in a coconut.

Porco’s Lounge and Tiki Bar
2527 W. 25th St.
Cleveland, OH


Nachojawn in Cleveland – Part 4

Saturday morning, Nachojawn Jr. and I headed out to run a 5K in the beautiful town of Bay Village, Ohio.


It was a steamy morning, but we powered through, and I even got to have a Rocket Dog (hot dog) at the end. Junior repped the 215 with his Drexel shirt.

Then we were off to the West Side Market, which frankly, is dope. The vendors are arranged by genre, so all the butchers are together, all the produce, all the homemade buttermilk, etc.


Clean eating and healthy living.

Nachojawn in Cleveland – Part 2

Nachojawn went deep into the heart of America. Or at least to Ohio.

FON The Heart’s Delight had a whole weekend planned for the family, and we started off at El Carnicero in Lakewood, Ohio.


The Wild Boar nachos had a smoked gouda fundido and jalapeno-mustard crema, to go along with chips that had a hint of sweetness. You’re not going to get shorted on volume in Ohio.

The queso and toppings were pretty good, but that sweetness that I got with the chips seemed a bit off. More layering needed for that massive pile of chips too.


All adults present went with the margarita sampler platter. I had the blood orange, spicy mango, and grapefruit. More places need to give  you three margaritas at a time.

3.78/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these after an 8 hour drive

El Carnicero
16918 Detroit Ave.
Lakewood< OH