Mr. Brown’s Pub – Sagamore Resort

While Little Miss Nachojawn and Nachojawn Jr were off at overnight camp we headed up to the Catskills and Lake George.

Tucked into the resort was Mr. Brown’s Pub – nachos on the menu meant we had to try them

We gave them some constructive criticism – they needed to be a little bit more well done, the chips were nothing special, and the layering needed some work.

Compared to the rest of the food at the resort, these were good. In the world of nachos however, they’re lacking.

2.54/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these after a day on the lake.

Lake George and the Catskills are highly recommended.

El Bocado

El Bocado is a Salvadorean/Mexican joint on a sliver of Passyunk and Carpenter, right around the corner from Nachojawn HQ.


We ordered from both sides of the menu – these are the Mexican enchiladas verdes along with some rice and beans that we were told were the owner’s mom’s recipe.



Off the Salvadorean side, we got the pastelitos, which are essentially ground beef empanadas, and are also delicious, as well as a couple of pupusas. At $2.50 each, the pupusa is one of the great cheap eats in town.


They’re also BYOB and make a variety of aguas frescas for mixers. I’ll be back for nachos…..

El Bocado
1005 E. Passyunk Avenue