Nomad Pizza

There’s no shortage of good Neapolitan Pizza in Philadelphia.




Here’s the sweet heat pizza.




Classic pepperoni.



Heirloom tomato special.

Nomad is really good and deserves a spot on the pizza hierarchy, probably towards the top. Pizzeria Beddia remains at the top though.


Fitzwater Cafe

As part of the new Queen Village relocation of Nachojawn, we headed out to the Fitzwater Cafe before picking up Nachojawn Jr. from overnight camp.

On the specials list were breakfast nachos, so that made ordering easy.



First note – that is a LOT of sour cream. Also, I understand that there is not a lot of Mexican food coming out of the kitchen, but you could have picked a better tortilla chip. And final criticism – the eggs were cooked a little too well-done for me.

With that said, I crushed these. The salsa verde, andouille sausage and avocado combination was great.

3.88/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these before reuniting your family

Fitzwater Cafe
728 S. 7th St.


Qdoba Primetime Nachos

These are the spicy chicken nachos. Grilled chicken, fajita veggies, beans, pico de gallo, queso, sour cream, and jalapeños allegedly pickled in house in a citrus marinade.

I ate them all. God bless nachos.

3.76/5 pickled jalapeños -eat these when you are incapable of feeling shame.

More than Q – Easton, PA

In the summer of Little Miss Nachojawn, we took a drive up to the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.

Right across the street is the Easton Public Market, an impressive local market with craft beer, wood fired pizza and this bbq.

This was some real bbq. Thumbs up for the brisket, mac n' cheese, and special shout out to the cheesy grits.