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Nachojawn Down the Shore – Isabella’s

In Ventnor, there’s what looks like a standard breakfast/lunch shop, but when I heard that they served up Mexican for dinner, I made a point of getting there one night.


These are the nachos a la Isabella, with green and red peppers, chicken, beef, bacon, beans, and melted cheese. There also looks like some diced ham on them too.

El Loco Dentista joined us, and brought the Wicked Weed sour. The major issue with the nachos, and the rest of the menu, is the price. At $14.95, you better be serving me a hubcap full of nachos.


The enchiladas were pretty good too, but again, it’s $17.95 with the “at the shore” markup.

We had a good time, and no one complained too much about the kids screaming and being generally annoying.

Nachos a la Isabella – 3.11/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these after hitting a slot jackpot

Isabella’s Ventnor Cafe
4 S. Portland Ave.
Ventnor City, NJ

Zagat’s Best Mexican – Thoughts and Comments from Nachojawn

Zagat has published their list of the 10 best Mexican dishes in Philadelphia. Some thoughts and comments below.


Best Margaritas – Lolita

This is wrong. I make the best margaritas.

Antojitos – Blue Corn 

This is correct.

Tamales – Los Gallos

Wrong. It’s Mole Poblano

Nachos – Distrito

Wow. OK. Not my choice, but they are pretty good. Who’s the best? That’s why you need to continue to read Nachojawn. Honestly, I think I need to go through the rankings for current standings. But those ones on the top of Nachojawn, from Loco Pez have got to be up there.

Nachojawn Down the Shore -Surf Taco

The Nachojawn family takes a week down the shore towards the end of the summer, and I wanted to bring you some of the culinary highlights of the trip. Some are nacho-based, others aren’t, but knowledge is power.

Our first stop was with FON La Oftamologo Suburbana on Long Beach Island.


Surf Taco is a casual beach Mexican with a decent salsa bar. We took out to eat on the deck.


I’m not convinced that the cheese on these nachos was ever fully melted, and that’s enough sour cream for six orders worth of nachos.

The steak was pretty good though, and you can’t beat the view of the bay.

2.86/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these with a cerveza y amigos.

Surf Taco
1915 Long Beach Blvd.
Ship Bottom, NJ



Tamalex serves both Mexican and Honduran food on the corner of 7th and Federal in South Philadelphia, and it’s good.


Check out the art on the menu. It’s also featured on the wall.


Little Miss Nachojawn was a fan of the molcajete fox(?)

El Loco Dentista and I took the kids out to Tamalex for dinner.


We started off with the steak nachos. The combination of the cotija and oaxaca cheese is, in my opinion, the way to go, unless you have a superlative cheese sauce. Also note the care that went into chip placement. This is a well thought out and well executed dish.


I washed the nachos down with these tamales de mole, another Nachojawn favorite.

It’s my pleasure, and the goal of Nachojawn, to keep my readers informed of the very best in nachos, in Philadelphia, and beyond. Get out to Tamalex, and tell them Nachojawn sent you.

Steak Nachos – not expensive. I don’t know exactly how much, but a huge cheese quesadilla was $3

4.52/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these and be thankful to be in a city with such great food.

7th and Federal

Pancho’s – Atlantic City

Pancho’s has friends in high places, including super chef David Chang, and earned a place in fivethirtyeight.com’s vaunted Burrito Bracket, where it advanced to the second round of the national tournament.

Despite no nachos on the menu, Pancho’s was the site of Nachojawn’s family birthday dinner over Labor Day weekend.


Each tortilla is pressed and griddled to order, which can mean a bit of a wait for your food.


They’re worth the wait though. The tacos al pastor and steak sopes with the homemade verde and rojo were dope.

Little Miss Nachojawn got hooked up with a cheese taco.


All in all, it was a feliz cumpleaños.

Pancho’s Mexican Taqueria
2303 Arctic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ