Vagabond – Atlantic City 

The Nachojawn family spent a week at the shore at the end of the summer. One night El Dentista Loco joined us for dinner at Vagabond.

The Extreme Nachos, half price at happy hour are topped with avocado cream, black beans, jalapenos, pico de gallo, melted jack cheese, queso fresco, and bacon sour cream.

They are a decent take on bar nachos and there’s a good tap list, even if I got a completely different beer than the one I ordered.

3.72/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these after body surfing all day

Extreme Nachos – $9.99 ($4.99 at happy hour)

Vagabond Kitchen and Tap House

672 N. Trenton Avenue

Atlantic City


Shots Fired at Nachos!

Wow. I didn’t see this one coming. Once thought to be a friend to nachos, based largely on this article, Foobooz founder and suspected fascist Art Etchells has proved himself to be nothing more than the Skip Bayless of nacho opinion.


I guess the mountain that Foobooz and its woefully misguided editor have chosen to die on is one made of fresh tortilla chips.

I have been a Foobooz reader since its inception. This is treasonous. You don’t deserve nachos.

Taquitos de Puebla III

The original Taquitos de Puebla, also on 9th Street, is one of the original taquerias in the Italian Market area. They’ve got great tacos and a killer al pastor.

After Nachojawn Jr.’s soccer game one Saturday afternoon at Capitolo Playground, 

we saw the sign for Taquitos de Puebla III. After we sat, I asked and found out that the two restaurants have different ownership even though they have the same name and are about 4 blocks from each other.

Mrs. Nachojawn was a bigger fan of these than me. You can see that the cheese wasn’t melted, and I don’t love lettuce when it gets all warm and wilty. The pastor was also inferior to the original Taquitos.

Right next to Pat’s and Geno’s, it’s always an interesting scene down on Passyunk.

3.02/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these after getting smoked by the Corona sponsored 8 and 9 year old team

Al Pastor Nachos – $9

Taquitos de Puebla III 

Honest Tom’s – No Nacho Content

I have to take time out to recognize one of the OG’s in the food truck game. I used to go to Honest Tom’s truck when he was parked out at Broad and Pine, getting harassed by the fortune tellers who run their palmistry deal nearby and I guess felt threatened by amazing breakfast tacos outside their door.


Tom has gone brick and mortar now, and while he doesn’t offer nachos, his tacos are on point. Mrs. Nachojawn ordered up one sweet potato, one beef, and one chicken. Paired with a side of the freshest pico de gallo around, and a host of homemade salsas, Honest Tom’s is worth the trip up to West Philly.

Honest Tom’s
261 S. 44th St.

Non-Nacho Non-Philadelphia Content – 3 Bear Donuts Seattle, WA

Anyone who has lived in Philadelphia in the last 20 years should be familiar with the Blue in Green restaurants on 3rd Street or on Sansom in Jeweler’s Row. Those restaurants are long gone, and owner Michael Baer has moved out to Seattle where he just opened up 3 Bear Donuts.


Longtime Nachojawn friend, Mike’s baking is incredible, and anyone out in Seattle should make a stop to support a great Philadelphian.