Willibrew’s Nachos

The Hartford Courant, and more importantly Nacho aficionado Suzie Hunter recently went to Willibrew in Willimantic, Connecicut to try the nachos that Thrillist put on their Top 21 Nachos list.


Did they live up to the hype? Read Suzie’s review to find out.


Non-Nacho Content – Shake Shack

Life’s not all nachos and margaritas for the Nachojawn family. Back in 2012, Shake Shack opened in Philadelphia, and they serve up some dope crinkle cut fries, burgers, hot dogs, and custard-based concretes.


My go-to is the Smoke Shack, topped with cheese, Niman Ranch all-natural applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and top secret ShackSauce.

Little Miss Nachojawn had a hot dog, and we split an Abita draft root beer. We had worked up a Nachojawn-sized hunger at the Franklin Institute that morning.


Looks like those arteries in the giant heart are clear! Keep on eating nachos everybody!


Snow Crisis Mode

The Nachojawn family and the rest of the Philadelphia area had two feet of snow dumped on them yesterday. Nacho provisions were scarce.

Not a proud day, but I have kids to feed.


Movie Tavern

The Nachojawn family took time over the holidays to check out the most anticipated release of 2015.

Yeah, I’m talking about Road Chip.


We headed out to the burbs to watch this cinematic masterpiece, and met up with the Nachojawn in-laws at the Flourtown Movie Tavern.

The Movie Tavern is a setup where you sit down in the theater, order off a menu, and enjoy “chef-driven menus” in the theater.

I started with the $10 Top Shelf Tavernrita. It’s allegedly Patron Silver, Patron Citronge, sour mix, and orange juice.


It was a standard chain restaurant margarita, which paired well with the Angry Birds preview.

A little controversy ensued when I ordered the Boondock Saints Nachos, which regularly come with kettle-style potato chips, Guinness-infused queso, crispy bacon, green onions and bleu cheese crumbles.

I wanted them over tortilla chips, but they were served to me as advertised on the menu. An apologetic waitress said she would fix it for me, and I proceeded to eat half of the order while the customized Boondock Saints were being prepared.


What ultimately came out, I’m pretty sure, was the Nachos Libre with seasoned beef, avocado pico, queso, queso, black beans, queso fresco and sour cream.

I don’t know what avocado pico is, and it was really dark, but these were not the most memorable nachos that I’ve ever had. They were pretty goopy, and I was distracted by Alvin and the gang’s crazy on-screen hijinx.

2.42/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these watching a movie that’s been reviewed as follows: “The next time the chipmunks make something together, I hope it’s a fur coat.”

Movie Tavern Nachos – $10.50
Movie Tavern Flourtown
1844 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, PA

District Taco 

The Nachojawn family took a ride down to the 301 to see some family.  Nachojawn Jr and the rest of us took in the sights at the Natural History Museum.

Little Miss Nachojawn was a little too impressed by the Hope Diamond.

After the museum visit we all headed over to District Taco.

Working hard to get our order prepped, Nachojawn Jr went with his standard pastor tacos.

I ordered the pastor nachos, and added some guacamole.

The first thing that I noticed was that the chips were much too thin to handle the toppings. No way was I scooping the grilled pineapple up with those.

The nachos borrachos feature queso, black beans, and sour cream. They’re a step above your fast food restaurant, but aren’t going to be in the running for any awards.

I had to go to the fork early and often with these. I’d love to see more independent fast Mexican in Philadelphia.

3.12/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these before pretending you’re in National Treasure at the archives.

District Taco 

1309 F Street NW Washington DC