Secret Disney Nachos???!!!

Unbelievable that Nachojawn was unaware of the secret Rio Grande Nachos available at Disney World.



For Pete’s Sake

I'd driven past this bar a hundred times in the decade and see half that Nachojawn has been headquartered in Philadelphia.

With the HQ relocation to Queen Village, we took advantage of a solid happy hour menu to try For Pete's Sake out for the first time.

What stood out were two things. One, this pico de Gallo was amazing. Two, whoever tried to apportion cheese on these was an incredibly unskilled fromager.

We also hit up the sliders, in cheeseburger, chicken and bbq variations, as well as pierogies and a few drinks off the happy hour menu.

Little Miss Nachojawn ordered the popcorn chicken off the kids' menu, although she thought them "too peppery". I thought they were great, and clearly homemade.

The nachos might get a second chance to see if the cheese was an off night. The bar itself is going on the short list for neighborhood favorites.

3.51/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these after a quick scooter ride down Christian Street.

Nachos – $10 (half off at happy hour)

For Pete's Sake
900 South Front Street

Lancaster Brewing Company

With Nachojawn Jr away at overnight camp, Mrs. Nachojawn, Little Miss Nachojawn and I set off for the Turkey Hill Experience, with a few pitstops along the way.

The first stop was beautiful and bustling Lititz, PA.

We hit up the Julius Sturgis pretzel bakery and headed to Lancaster for some lunch.

These are the pork bbq nachos – together with the 12 beer sampler. I was a big fan of these – cherry bbq pork, queso and cheddar cheeses, corn, beans and jalapeños. The only deduction is for the guacamole from a bag/can.

After that, it was a quick drive to Columbia, PA, home of the Turkey Hill Experience.

We got the premium tickets which include the taste lab, where you'll make your own pint of ice cream, complete with flavor concentrate and mix-ins.

Additional unlimited samples are available upstairs, where you can also design your own packaging and film a Turkey Hill commercial.

After those light bites, it was time to hit up a Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord. We ate at Dienner’s. Mrs. Nachojawn couldn't get enough of the buttered noodles, and I must have had 4 rolls.
Little Miss Nachojawn picked the fried shrimp out of their breading.

Major fun day for the Nachojawn Crew.

4.22/5 pickled jalapeños -eat these in between gorging yourself in PA Dutch country.

BBQ Pork Nachos – $12
Lancaster Brewing Company
302 N Plum St Lancaster

Mole Poblano Revisited

With Nachojawn Jr away at overnight camp, Little Miss Nachojawn and I headed over to one of my favorite spots, Mole Poblano.

We had the complimentary nacho bite to start.

Well, I did. They were “too spicy” for LMN.

I had the mole enchiladas – the mole is too good not to order. LMN got her regular order, cheese tacos with queso Oaxaca.

We put in a take out order for visiting day tamales and guacamole and headed home to beat the storm. 

We passed a few new and untested places on our walk/scoot home – this stretch of 9th Street is a treasure trove of opportunity.

Los Amigos Market

As part of the Nachojawn HQ relocation I have much greater access to some underappreciated and lesser known comida Mexicana.

One spot is Los Amigos Market on the corner of 9th and Montrose.

I had a nice talk with the owner, who makes tamales daily and hypes his chips as superior to San Roman, due in part to the fact that he sea salts his chips.

The pico de gallo was fresh and bright – and the tinga tamale was superior to the pork, although I’m still partial to the Mole Poblano versions.

I’ll be back for the tacos or burritos, and maybe the homemade chorizo.