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Buena Onda

Checked out Jose Garces’ new joint up by the Art Museum. Buena Onda is a little confused about whether is’s fast-casual or a little bit more. Dinner for 2 adults and 2 kids clocked in at $60++. Granted the adults did have a margarita each, but that’s still pricey for food that you order at a register and wait for at your table with a number.

But let’s get to the actual goods:

IMG_0842I’m a fan of the “pizza plate” nacho style. Spread out the chips, you’re not getting a lot of wasted chip space. Garces loves his radishes, but the real star of this one are the nopales. Those are what look like green peppers, but are actually part of the cactus. I’m pretty sure that they come from the paddle looking ones.

Anyway, really good nachos. Better than the tacos. $9

4.55 pickled jalapeños – Eat these and then go next door to Pizzeria Vetri for a rotolo

Buena Onda
1901 Callowhill Street
(215) 302-3530

Mexico at the Bourse (Mexico & Latin Fare)

Look, this is a nacho blog. At some point I might have to expand to tacos too, but look at the title. NachoJawn. Which is a shame because these nachos are probably the worst looking things that I saw come out of Mexico at the Bourse, an authentic taqueria in the middle of a garbage food court.

IMG_0744I didn’t like the shredded lettuce, the nacho cheez, or the ice cream scoop of sour cream on top. Also, there wasn’t that much of it. You’ve got your standard chopped tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, and that’s about it. The homemade salsas are great, and the other stuff that I saw coming out of the kitchen looked like the real deal. it was tough to not order the tacos al pastor or tamales, but I made a commitment when I picked nachos. For better or worse.

2.3/5 pickled jalapeños – go for the tacos. But go, they looked great in what is the middle of a lunch wasteland.

Nachos – $6.50 (maybe, I didn’t keep a receipt)

Mexico & Latin Fare at the Bourse
The Bourse – 5th and Chestnut

Cantina Dos Segundos

Uninspired. Sorry guys. i was really looking forward to these. After like an hour wait on a Saturday, we sat down in a super-dark dining room across from a big bachelorette party.

Cantina Dos SegundosSo, with an audience, I started my evaluation of these nachos. “Roasted” corn, pickled jalapeños, black beans, pico de gallo, melted cheese, and a shitload of crema. The chips, while housemade, must have all been fried up earlier in the day. The nachos were undercooked, cheese undermelted, chips in the middle cold and sad. These were meatless, due to some dietary restrictions in my group (I’m not big into dietary restrictions)

I have fond recollections of the original Cantina’s nachos – but after this experience I’m going to have to go back to see if my memories are fogged by tequila.

2.8/5 pickled jalapeños – ask for them well done maybe?

Nachos Grande – $10

Cantina Dos Segundos
931 N. 2nd Street
(215) 629-0500

Draught Horse

Templetown’s first entrant are these bar nachos from the Draught Horse, right around the corner from the Liacouris Center. My son got to rep Taney Basketball on the court pre-game, and then we joined friends for some grub and to watch the Owls take care of business against Houston. First things first, we took care of this business:

Draught HorseLook, these are bar nachos, but better than I was expecting. Chips, pulled chicken pico de gallo, black beans,
cilantro sour cream and “cheddar jack cheese sauce” that I’m pretty sure was your standard nacho cheese. All of it came from a can or a bag, but the chicken was tender, the ratios were good, and I was hungry, so these worked for me.

3.9/5 pickled jalapeños – will fill you up before a game

Draught Horse
1431 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

House Made Chicken Nachos – $11.49