A block away from the Franklin Institute, Mountains used to be a pizza joint that I briefly took notice of because it saved up Mexican along with the pizza.

Now, after a makeover, it’s Moustaki, serving up gyros and soul kids. My chicken gyro was right off the spit, and the waffle fries on the side were hot with the right amount of crisp. Nice little spot.


Pistolas del Sur

Brother (sister?) restaurant to Jose Pistolas and Sancho Pistolas, Pistolas del Sur is right at the start of the East Passyunk stretch of bars and restaurants that rival any in town.

Continuing in the Pistolas tradition of having really expensive nachos, these chicken nachos tipped the scale at $17.

They were excellent though, great layering and melting made for some good eating.

4.54/5 pickled jalape├▒os – eat these after payday with Las Damas del Cuadrado Naval.

Mission BBQ – King of Prussia

If you like military memorabilia and police patches along with your barbecue, you’ll love Mission BBQ.

´┐╝ I ordered the chopped brisket with mac and cheese and fries. Pretty good, but small portions. Plus we discovered that Little Miss Nachojawn loves ribs.

Every table has a six pack of sauce. I liked the Tupelo Honey Heat.

Guisados Don Roman

With the Nachojawn family out in Arizona, I took the opportunity to check out Guisados Don Roman, in South Philly.

In addition to the standard Mexican fare, this place offers up guisados, an everyday Mexican stew, that comes with rice, beans, and homemade tortillas.

I ordered the verde with beef and a cantaloupe agua fresca. This was awesome and a great change up from your everyday taco (which is still awesome)

Guisados Don Roman

1629 S. 7th Street

Indian Village – Cave Creek, AZ

The Nachojawn family usually spends a full week out in Arizona for spring break, but my day job meant that I could only make it a long weekend.

That meant I had to make the most of those days. Number one on the list was checking out Indian Village, a mom and pop Mexican in Cave Creek.

Indian Village is known for their fry bread, but they have a pretty substantial menu for a kitchen the size of a closet.

I ordered us the fry bread with red chile beef and beans, some tacos for Nachojawn Jr, a chicken and cheese burrito and some guacamole.

And some rice and beans, now that I’m looking at the pictures. This place is awesome.