La Fonda de Teresita

Friday nights mean only one thing – Nachojawn Jr.’s soccer practice. While he practiced with the Palumbo Panthers, I set off to explore the available Mexican in Passyunk Square.

I decided to check out La Fonda de Teresita down at 8th and Dickinson.

And, I had to order up the nachos al pastor, together with my favorite Mexican soda, un Sidral Mundet.

These were dope! Plenty of roast pork with pineapple, fresh avocado, beans and pico de gallo. The chips were a little thin, but I went with the fork to finish these off. Plus, the table looked very easy to wipe off with its plastic covering.

4.33/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these during one of the 5 nights a week you’re at your kid’s sporting events.

Nachos al pastor – $8

La Fonda de Teresita
1448 S. 8th St. (at Dickinson)



El Alambique – San Juan

After Nachojawn spring break, Mrs. Nachojawn and I had a few hours to kill before hopping on a plane back to Philadelphia.

Checking my trusty international nacho guide, I found these beachside nachos and paired them with a couple mojitos to steady myself for the flight.

The highlight was the pork, which seemed like pulled bbq rib meat. I can live with the cheese sauce, but the guacamole was straight out of a bag. Thin chips that had trouble standing up to the toppings, but the quality meat was enough to carry the day.

Great view, good drinks, and nice end to the trip.

3.97/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these to celebrate a great spring break

Roasted Corn and Jalapeno Nachos – $14,75 with roasted pork

El Alambique
5806 Calle Tartak, Isla Verde, Carolina 00979, Puerto Rico

Deep Fried Nachos – A Bridge too far?

The Pima County Fair offers these deep fried nachos. What are they?  From the The Arizona Daily Star article, “you take a bunch of Nacho Cheese Doritos and some regular corn chips, crush them up and mix them with jack cheese. Then you roll them into balls and throw them in the fryer. When the balls come out looking like crispy golden meteorites, you open the floodgates and unleash onto them a glistening river of nacho cheese.”


Are these nachos? Does it matter?

Nachojawn Jr.

Nachojawn Jr. started off the baseball season this weekend with a couple of wins.

Some highlights:

First hit of the year

Strikes out the side for the Ocelots second win.


You’ll hopefully be seeing a lot more Taney highlights, as well as a revisit of  Distrito with friends of Nachojawn. It’s nacho weather out there!