Mexico City – More Street Eats

Fresh juice is everywhere. About $1.25 for 32 oz. of fresh squeezed.


Plus you get to watch VH1 Classic.


El Huequito, supposed to be some of the best pastor tacos around. We were on our way to lunch, so I kept it light with only a couple of tacos.




Mexico City – Street Eats

There is so much street food in Mexico City that I can’t believe they can all stay in business. I guess with 25 million in the metropolitan area, you’ve got a big clientele.


What are Dorilocos? Check out this explainer.

In short, Nacho Cheese Doritos, which are then topped with a variety of ingredients: cueritos (pickled pork rinds), small batons of jicama, cubed cucumber, grated carrots, peanuts (most often described by the vendors as japonés,the ones with the crunchy, soy sauce-flavored shell), gummy bears, lime juice, chili powder,  hot sauce, and chamoy.