Nachos in NoHo

Nachojawn hasn’t been headquarted in New York since 2003, but is always on the lookout for tasty nachos.

When these came across the nacho news desk, I felt my stomach rumbling.


Click through to see more pictures from Ghost Donkey, including The El Burro cocktail for two (tequila, mezcal, aperol, grapefruit and chili) that comes served in a ceramic vessel shaped like a donkey pulling a wagon full of flowers.


Thanksgiving Nachos


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. These are our Thanksgiving nachos, with smoked turkey from El Loco Dentista’s meal, stuffing, sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, freshly shredded cheddar and jack cheeses, and as always, chips from Tortilleria San Roman.

I threw some mac and cheese on mine too, and our second servings had Oaxaca cheese, which was awesome.

El Purepecha

This is two visits in one, when I realized that I forgot to write up my summer visit to El Purepecha with FON La Madre de Gulabi.

These tacos al pastor are from my second, solo visit. They were tasty, not off a spit, but Nachojawn approved nonetheless. img_0116

El Purepecha replaces Jose’s, which was a Nachojawn hidden treasure.



Here are the nachos, with a fancy filter. They’re simple, with a black bean dip drizzled over a couple different cheeses and some jalapeño.img_3502-effects-1

3.85/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these and check out some stylish tables and chairs

Nachos – $6.50

El Purepecha
469 N. 10th St.

Square Pie

Although they are delicious, a man cannot survive on nachos alone. The Nachojawns headed out after a hard week of work and school to Square Pie, the Queen Village pizzeria with some of the thickest crust out there.


Accompanying the meal was a delicious bottle of red, a gamay recommended by Max over at the PLCB on Chestnut between 11th and 12th, and the subject of a quick writeup by FON Craig LaBan.


Little Miss Nachojawn likes her pizza with nothing on it, so here’s a plain pie. It’s a unique, thick crust, with a great sauce.

Square Pie
801 E. Passyunk Avenue

El Poquito

The Nachojawn family headed out to Chestnut Hill to have some birthday nachos with El Pop Pop. I had heard good things about El Poquito, and was happy to suggest it as a halfway point between Casa de Nachojawn and the ‘burbs.


The avocado shortage has hit, and $14 is a little steep for guac, but we got a big bowl that came with some freshly fried chips.


Little Miss Nachojawn might have been overserved. The margaritas were pretty good. I had a spicy ‘rita and a blood orange. That’s a really big patio in the back of the picture that would be nice in warmer weather.


These are the nachos with ground beef. The fresh chips had black beans, poblano, scallion, crema, and arbol salsa. Not advertised were the copious amounts of jalapeño peppers. Nachojawn is a fan of heat, but be aware that you’re going to get it.


Overall, a successful birthday dinner for El Pop Pop, with some pretty good nachos.

3.97/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these for a feliz cumpleaños

Ground Beef Nachos – $16

El Poquito
8201 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Teresa’s Mesa

From always on the ball Michael Klein comes news of a new fast-casual Mexican spot by the owners of Los Camaradas, the Graduate Hospital Mexican that Nachojawn has run hot and cold on.


Nachos are confirmed on the menu, and Nachojawn will be stopping in with an open mind and open stomach soon.