Distrito Revisited

Although Nachojawn is city based, we do acknowledge that some people live out in the ‘burbs. Of course that doesn’t mean that we go out there for nachos, but we will cross the Schuylkill River into West Philly to meet.

The last Distrito review looked at the lunch nachos. These are the larger Nachos Encarnacion, with skirt steak, refried beans, queso mixto, chile de arbol, crema and cilantro.

I think the lunch nachos were a little better, although FON La Oftamologo Suburbana made sure there was no leftover cheese with her patented cheese swirl wrist technique.

The cheese layering could have been a little more even; when you have a big pile you really need to get that underlayer of cheese so that you’re not stuck with naked chips.


4.04/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these while working on your look book after a couple hours with your glamsquad.

Nachos Encarnacion – $14

3945 Chestnut Street
(215) 222-1657


Woodrow’s – No Nacho Content

Nachojawn Jr. and I used to love Hot Diggity, a gourmet hot dog restaurant with great fries at 630 South Street. While Hot Diggity is no more, Woodrow’s has risen from its ashes, with gourmet sandwiches, and I’m happy to say they maintain the fry quality as well.


Nachojawn Jr. got the Not Just for Breakfast Sandwich.


And I went with the short rib.


Woodrow’s sandwiches were dope – a worthy challenger to the Nachojawn sandwich title holder – Paesano’s. Go down and check them out – and wash it down with a Brauhaus Schmitz beer a block away.

No Nacho Content – Dizengoff

Sometimes you have to acknowledge greatness, and Michael Solomanov’s ode to hummus, Dizengoff, is great.


You get hummus – one of 5 or 6 that are on the menu each day. This was a roasted sweet potato with pine nuts and dill. Every hummus comes with a pita, that little dish of Israeli salad and some pickled vegetables.


The word is already out about Dizengoff, but I just have to add the Nachojawn seal of approval. FON’s El Loco Dentista and La Sofbal Reina are huge fans too.


1625 Sansom Street

No Nacho Content – Pitruco

Another in the OG food truck line, Pitruco Pizza has been firing pies in their wood-burning back-of-the-truck oven for 5 years now.


I stopped by Love Park one warm Monday and saw this Mexican themed special on the big board.


I decided to give it a try.


Best pizza off a truck you’ll ever have. If you see the Pitruco truck in your ‘hood, don’t miss it.