Humpty’s Dumplings

Nachojawn HQ took a little move a week ago, just a few miles across town.

Coinciding with the moving was the opening of Humpty’s Dumplings, once a food truck, then a Glenside restaurant, and now open in Queen Village.


Artist Isaiah Zagar’s work is easily noticed all over the neighborhood, and it’s here on the storefront.


New to the game, I ordered up 2 of each of the dumplings. If you can’t read through the glare, the options were: Buffalo Chicken, Cheesesteak, Honey Chipotle Chicken, Roast Pork Sandwich, and Spinach, Mozzarella & Ricotta.


I liked the buffalo chicken and cheesesteak dumplings best; Mrs. Nachojawn liked the spinach, mozz and ricotta.

Good stuff, and it’s an exciting time in Nachojawn’s world.


Jalapeño Restaurant – Georgetown, DE

The U9 Philadelphia Athletics took a trip down to Rehoboth Beach to play in the Rally Cap Open. Nachojawn Jr. built up a hunger at the 8:30 AM game with a leadoff hit out of the cleanup spot.



All eyes were on Nachojawn to see if I could find some decent Mexican food in Georgetown, Delaware, a town of almost 7,000 that is more diverse than would be expected for an inland Delaware town.



The chips and guacamole, if I’m being generous, were “Delaware style”. A creamy, thinner sort of guac, and not my favorite chip. But we’re willing to pack them away to fuel up for the afternoon.


Nachojawn went for the enchiladas de mole, a go to when confronted with a nacho-less menu. The beans were similar in texture to the guacamole, which actually was conducive for dipping.


I think this was for about 16 people. Solid.


Nachojawn Jr. put away his tacos and went out to pitch in the afternoon. Fun time for all!

Dos Hermanos Food Truck

Outside of CHOP’s new building on Schuylkill Avenue, I came across Dos Hermanos Taco truck one Wednesday afternoon.

Find them on Twitter at @2HermanosTacos


Here’s the asada taco with verde, and the pastor taco. I had already eaten the chicken tinga taco, which was the standout in Nachojawn’s opinion.

These tacos are big. I think it was 3 for $8, and you’re getting your money’s worth.

Check them out on social media to see where you can find them – these are two brothers who can sling a serious taco.

Los Cuatro Soles

This place popped up on Nachojawn’s radar – off the beaten path in a neighborhood between Point Breeze and Newbold.

After a school party down in the Navy Yard the family stopped by for dinner.

Nachojawn Jr went with his standard pastor tacos, and even ordered in Spanish. 

Mrs. Nachojawn and I split some pastor slopes and nachos ala bistec.

The food took a while to come out but when it did it was awesome. The creamy beans and fresh pico de Gallo made for some above average nachos. It’s worth a trip – take a little detour and enjoy some comida sabrosa.

4.28/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these on your way down to the stadiums or when you’re looking to explore.

Los Cuatro Soles

1801 S. Chadwick St

Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Nachojawn is back!

After a brief hiatus to recharge the nacho batteries, we’re back with these nachos eaten in Orlando, Florida.

Is this just a delayed review from the Nachojawn family trip a few months ago? No! Brand new trip, brand new nachos.


The Barbecue Brisket Nachos at Frostbite Freddie’s are allegedly served with chili (no), cheese, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeño. They had a lot of brisket of middling quality, but I ate them all. Gotta fuel up for Summit Plummet!