Los Jimenez – UPDATE

The subject of a special Gold Cup report, Justino Jimenez has sold the eponymous Los Jimenez Mexican Cocin at Sixth Street and Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia, as Michael Klein of philly.com breaks the news today.

All is not lost however, as Jimenez has taken over Logan Square Pizza, behind the Franklin Institute. and rebranded it Logan Square Pizza and Cocina.

You’ll be able to get Jimenez’s al pastor, in taco form or as a pizza topping. And you can bet that Nachojawn will be making a stop soon.



Gift Ideas for the Nacho Lover

You must know someone who needs more nacho-themed apparel or art in their life. Maybe it’s time that you treat yourself. In any event, it’s time for the first annual Nacho Gift Guide.

For Kids


These homemade felt nachos are perfect for your kid’s play kitchen. Enough with the fake fruit salad.

For Her

Every woman loves jewelry. I’m going in two directions here.


First is just a straight up nacho necklace. What lady woudn’t want to just walk down the street with a plate of nachos dangling around her neck?

“Are you staring at my chest??”

“No ma’am, just the beautiful plate of nachos you have there.”


If that was too nacho forward, how about this Nacho Bitch necklace? This is going to be hotter than the iPhone this year.

For Him

No one will dispute that he’s your man walking down the street in this Nacho Man Randy Savage Shirt


At $48.94 each, you’ll want to get one for the whole family.

For the family

No home theater is complete without one of these


This two-tier chip warmer, affordably priced at $2217.05 completes any space.

Happy holidays!

Rosario’s Pizzeria

I had heard that there were several South Philly taquerias that had to disguise themselves as pizzerias for some reason.


No Nacho Content – El Fuego

El Fuego was Chipotle before Chipotle was Chipotle.

They’ve been pumping out tacos and burritos off Washington Square for a decade now (I made that up, but it’s in that vicinity), and while the outpost at 21st and Chestnut is long gone, you can still get your Mexican fix at the original.

5151A500-29F6-48B6-98A0-8724C375A694 (1)

El Fuego does have one thing that the chains dont – chorizo. And chorizo is good.

Do you know what they don’t have though? Nachos. Sorry guys.

Nacho Fine Art

Friend of Nachojawn El Profesor Feliz lets us know that internationally recognized  ceramics artist Peter Morgan has created this original sculpture, titled “Nacho-mess Monster,” which may be of interest to Nachojawn readers.



The piece is scheduled to be featured at a group show (“Dino might”) in Kansas City. March 14-May 27th 2016, but according to the artist is otherwise available for sale.

More on the artist

Los Gallos

The last time the Nachojawn family tried to eat at Los Gallos, it was Mother’s Day. Los Gallos was packed and I think Mrs. Nachojawn ended up eating a yogurt from Wawa while watching Nachojawn Jr.’s Little League game. Not my finest hour.


Deep in the heart of South Philly, Mrs. Nachojawn and I had an early weekday lunch here, and ordered up the Nachos Texanos con bistec.


Those are some big peppers! The avocado and peppers didn’t get cooked with the rest of the dish, making that first bite a little weird – kind of when you’re expecting hot soup and it’s not. Cook those peppers Los Gallos! And while Mrs. Nachojawn likes the lechuga, I think it’s a waste and sullies up a plate of nachos. Good use of refritos though.


Los Gallos has been on my nacho wish list for a while, and these were pretty good, but maybe my expectations were too high. They were good, but nowhere close to in the running for the coveted Nachojawn title belt.

3.96/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these and go get a doughnut at Frangelli’s Bakery.

Nachos Texanos – $9.99
951 Wolf Street