Blue Route Taco Truck – Plymouth Meeting

The Whole Foods at Plymouth Meeting parked a food truck on its roof, and they turn out some pretty decent food. Last year they served up margaritas as well, but they’re gone for some reason, and you’ll have to make due with beer.

Blue Route

On a sunny spring afternoon, my wife and I both got some nachos for the cause.



Carnitas nachos with pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole and queso. Habanero pineapple salsa on the side. You just check boxes for what toppings you want, and it all works out in the end.

Fish nachos

Fish nachos

Fish nachos with corn salsa, queso, cilantro and probably some other stuff. The fish was good, but a little unwieldy as a nacho topping.

Best supermarket nachos I’ve ever had – the rooftop taco truck is straight up good. Just be careful that you don’t check off too many boxes, can’t be drowning those chips. Happy eating.

4.25 pickled jalapeños – eat these when you’re on a supermarket roof

Nachos – $7

Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting
498 W Germantown Pike



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