Shots Fired at Nachos!

Wow. I didn’t see this one coming. Once thought to be a friend to nachos, based largely on this article, Foobooz founder and suspected fascist Art Etchells has proved himself to be nothing more than the Skip Bayless of nacho opinion.


I guess the mountain that Foobooz and its woefully misguided editor have chosen to die on is one made of fresh tortilla chips.

I have been a Foobooz reader since its inception. This is treasonous. You don’t deserve nachos.


One thought on “Shots Fired at Nachos!

  1. In addition to demonstrating very suspect taste — Foobooz founder, Art Etchells, also fails to consider the profoundly social nature of nachos. Surely, part of the beauty of nachos involves their ability to bring people together around a single shared plate (black olives and all).


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