Oddyssey Half Marathon – Discount Code

On June 12, 2016, the 6th Annual ODDyssey Half Marathon will be run in Philadelphia. The race is great, with a wall mount medal with built in beer opener, Sly Fox beer garden at the finish, and free race photos.

The race held a contest to name the signature hill of the race, a climb along Lansdown Drive into Fairmount Park. To me, there was only one possible name, The Jawn.



The race organizers asked for submissions, and The Jawn raked in the votes, but ultimately fell short to the vastly inferior, soulless entry of “Champions Climb”.

ODDyssey was kind enough to provide me with a coupon code for $5 off race entry, once registration opens on January 4th.

On the 4th, enter code “NACHOJAWN” for $5 off the race, and run that jawn. Hurry, because the code is good for one week only, and expires on January 11th.






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