El Limon

I traveled out to the far suburbs with Nachojawn Jr. for a youth chess tournament one weekend. It’s not all fun and games around the Nachojawn house — we need to work our brains too.

And brains need nourishment.


During a break in play, we headed over to El Limon. Nachojawn Jr. went with his standard tacos al pastor.


I went with the pastor nachos.


The Loaded Nachos advertise cheese, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, tomatillo sauce and sour cream. And you can see the big sauteed onion sitting right there.

I liked these – you don’t expect authentic Mexican in a Malvern strip mall, but there’s a decent sized dining room and homemade salsas on the table.

4.11/5 pickled jalapeños – Eat these with your own grandmaster

Loaded Al Pastor Nachos – $8.95

El Limon
446 Lancaster Avenue, Malvern, PA


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