District Taco 

The Nachojawn family took a ride down to the 301 to see some family.  Nachojawn Jr and the rest of us took in the sights at the Natural History Museum.

Little Miss Nachojawn was a little too impressed by the Hope Diamond.

After the museum visit we all headed over to District Taco.

Working hard to get our order prepped, Nachojawn Jr went with his standard pastor tacos.

I ordered the pastor nachos, and added some guacamole.

The first thing that I noticed was that the chips were much too thin to handle the toppings. No way was I scooping the grilled pineapple up with those.

The nachos borrachos feature queso, black beans, and sour cream. They’re a step above your fast food restaurant, but aren’t going to be in the running for any awards.

I had to go to the fork early and often with these. I’d love to see more independent fast Mexican in Philadelphia.

3.12/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these before pretending you’re in National Treasure at the archives.

District Taco 

1309 F Street NW Washington DC 


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