North Carolina Beach Nachos

This “tell-tale review” comes to us from Wrightsville Beach, NC where the nachos are described as “poetry on a plate”.


“Sure, my cat could sprinkle triangle chips with cheese, throw them into a microwave, and call them “nachos.” In other words, it’s pretty hard to screw up nachos. It’s equally challenging to create memorable nachos. Poe’s: Ya done did it! Edgar’s Nachos are a mound of multicolored tortilla chips, layered with a generous amount of creamy Jack cheese, savory homemade chili, pico de gallo, tangy guacamole, and spicy jalapeños. I’m not saying Poe’s reinvented the wheel on this one, but they certainly dished out a solid app. The generous starter is made for sharing but could easily be a meal for one. The “drunken chili” (deeply colored and slightly sweet) came with finely ground meat, for slightly less spillage, and a hint of hoppy tang.”


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