No Nacho Content – Animo Juice/Burrito

Way back in 2013, Animo Juice opened up in the ground floor of the old Robert Morris Building at 17th and Arch. I never stopped in until recently.

Animo Juice’s whole deal is that they claim to offer nutritious food made with high-quality ingredients. Their sour cream is low-fat, their pinto beans and brown rice are organic, and their meats are certified humanely raised on a vegetarian diet with no added hormones or antibiotics. But do they taste good?


Eh. I got a chicken burrito that came with the aforementioned healthy ingredients, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  It was fresh if not overly flavorful, and  definitely a bit lighter than your standard food bomb, but it was missing that Mexican, how do you say it, je ne sais quoi?

Anyway, if you want a wheatgrass shot and a “mission-style” burrito around the Comcast Center, stop in.

Animo Juice
1701 Arch Street


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