I’m aware that you can get “nachos” on the Chipotle “secret menu”. What that means is that they’ll put your burrito bowl on top of a bed of chips, but lack the ability to melt the cheese.

I’ll try that next time, but for lunch this week, I just went with some tacos.

I’ve always been a fan of fast casual Mexican, going back to Baja Fresh on the Rockville Pike, 20 years ago. For a time I was a member of the Chipotle Farm Team, a non defunct, invitation-only loyalty program.

Recent negative press aside, I still like Chipotle. These are grilled chicken tacos with rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo, salsa verde, corn salsa, and cheese. I like all the salsas, but too many of them will soggify your dish. A taco shell can only withstand so much.

Anyways, these were pretty good.


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