Fountain Porter – No Nacho Content

With the recent end of the Taney Ocelot season, I wanted to take it back to the beginning. Ocelots v. Panthers at Columbus Field, with a pre-game meal at Fountain Porter.


I had heard quite a bit about their $5 burger, and it was just a few blocks away from the game. One quick UberX trip, and we were there.


Alamanac sour on draft! Bonus. Gets around that pesky no alcohol at kids’ games rule.


Nachojawn Jr. took care of his burger. We had some pickled carrots too for inspiration.


With cheers from the patrons of “Go Ocelots!” we headed out the door and over to the field for win one of many in a fun Ocelot season.



I could probably have four of those burgers.

Fountain Porter
10th and Tasker


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