Mole Poblano Revisited – Cinco de Mayo

I’ve already written about my love for Mole Poblano’s tamales. How would their nachos stand up to the critical eyes of the Nachojawn family?




The Nachojawn family hit up Mole Poblano for our Cinco de Mayo festivities, minus Mrs. Nachojawn, who was setting up for a charity auction. The Nachojawns are nothing if not philanthropic.

Little Miss Nachojawn got the nachos co queso, Nachojawn Jr. his usual tacos al pastor, and I ordered the enchiladas mole.

Sad to say, the nachos came in on the bottom of the grading scale. LMN rejected them for having “too much salad on them”. I had to agree with the low grade- there just isn’t much going on there.

Luckily, their mole is fantastic, and Nachojawn Jr. had no problem tearing through his tacos. So, while Mole Poblano remains one of the Nachojawn family’s favorites, it’s not a nacho destination.

2.78/5 pickled jalapenos – get the enchiladas, or better yet, the tamales on a weekend morning


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