Los Camaradas – Revisited

Here in the Nachojawn family we have a saying – “DTM”. It’s harsh, but it means Dead to Me. Once you’re DTM, you’re done.

Los Camaradas is DTM. Were the nachos horrible? No. Was anything so egregious that I stormed out? No. But DTM is DTM, and that’s that.


The chicken on top was subpar – not so much seasoned and shredded as bland poached chicken breast. I liked the pickled onions, and the chips are fresh and sturdy.

But it’s a pet peeve when a small place triples their seating by adding outdoor tables during nice weather, and then the kitchen can’t handle the food rush.

Nachojawn Jr. liked his carnitas tacos, but I don’t think we’ll be back anytime soon.

3.33/5 pickled jalapenos – Ear these in the winter or when you have a couple hours to kill.


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