The Pour House – Mountainhome, PA

Nachojawn Jr. will be off to overnight camp next summer, and the family has been visiting some camps in anticipation of the big decision of which one to choose.

While Nachojawn Jr. was off enjoying a day at camp, the rest of the family had these nachos from The Pour House, a log cabin bar and grill.



Nothing fancy, but I appreciated the corn salsa. I don’t think they’re making their own salsa in Mountainhome, PA, and one of the “three cheeses” that top the nachos was industrial nacho cheese, but I’m not going to hate on these. The chips were decent and we finished them off without complaint. The burgers and fries were pretty good, and the bar has a nice draft list too.

2.94/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these and get home in time to beat the NASCAR traffic

The Pour House
1014 Route 390
Mountainhome, PA



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