Nachojawn Down the Shore -Surf Taco

The Nachojawn family takes a week down the shore towards the end of the summer, and I wanted to bring you some of the culinary highlights of the trip. Some are nacho-based, others aren’t, but knowledge is power.

Our first stop was with FON La Oftamologo Suburbana on Long Beach Island.


Surf Taco is a casual beach Mexican with a decent salsa bar. We took out to eat on the deck.


I’m not convinced that the cheese on these nachos was ever fully melted, and that’s enough sour cream for six orders worth of nachos.

The steak was pretty good though, and you can’t beat the view of the bay.

2.86/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these with a cerveza y amigos.

Surf Taco
1915 Long Beach Blvd.
Ship Bottom, NJ



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