Nachojawn Down the Shore – Isabella’s

In Ventnor, there’s what looks like a standard breakfast/lunch shop, but when I heard that they served up Mexican for dinner, I made a point of getting there one night.


These are the nachos a la Isabella, with green and red peppers, chicken, beef, bacon, beans, and melted cheese. There also looks like some diced ham on them too.

El Loco Dentista joined us, and brought the Wicked Weed sour. The major issue with the nachos, and the rest of the menu, is the price. At $14.95, you better be serving me a hubcap full of nachos.


The enchiladas were pretty good too, but again, it’s $17.95 with the “at the shore” markup.

We had a good time, and no one complained too much about the kids screaming and being generally annoying.

Nachos a la Isabella – 3.11/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these after hitting a slot jackpot

Isabella’s Ventnor Cafe
4 S. Portland Ave.
Ventnor City, NJ


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