El Poquito

The Nachojawn family headed out to Chestnut Hill to have some birthday nachos with El Pop Pop. I had heard good things about El Poquito, and was happy to suggest it as a halfway point between Casa de Nachojawn and the ‘burbs.


The avocado shortage has hit, and $14 is a little steep for guac, but we got a big bowl that came with some freshly fried chips.


Little Miss Nachojawn might have been overserved. The margaritas were pretty good. I had a spicy ‘rita and a blood orange. That’s a really big patio in the back of the picture that would be nice in warmer weather.


These are the nachos with ground beef. The fresh chips had black beans, poblano, scallion, crema, and arbol salsa. Not advertised were the copious amounts of jalapeño peppers. Nachojawn is a fan of heat, but be aware that you’re going to get it.


Overall, a successful birthday dinner for El Pop Pop, with some pretty good nachos.

3.97/5 pickled jalapeños – eat these for a feliz cumpleaños

Ground Beef Nachos – $16

El Poquito
8201 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA


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