San Lucas


Nachojawn and Nachojawn Jr. took the Ben Franklin across the Delaware to check out San Lucas, a Mexican restaurant in Camden.

FON El Abogado de Inmagracion does some work out near the Federal Street strip in Camden, and was nice enough to invite us out for lunch to see what Camden had to offer.



Nachojawn, as loyal readers know, is a sucker for a good mole, and this was a thick, dark version on top of some stellar chicken enchiladas. I love the sweet heat of a good mole, and this was a good one.


The nachos were middling, suffering from a lack of cheese melt and too much of what too many taqueria’s go-to in order to increase toppings – the dreaded shredded iceberg. Too much cold on top of my hot nachos.

The menu is big though, and it’s just a few minutes over the bridge. So once you’ve crossed off some of the taquerias in the 215, San Lucas is worth a trip.

3.22/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these and give Camden a chance.



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