We’re going to close out 2016 with Nachojawn’s favorite cheesesteak in Philadelphia. In what was indisputably an overall shitty year, there are some beacons of light that remain. One is a Dalessandro’s cheesesteak.


When FON’s come to Philadelphia and want a cheesesteak, here’s what I say. If you want to stay in Center City, eat a Jim’s. If you’re willing to go a little farther, go to John’s Roast Pork. If you want the best, eat a Dalessandro’s.


Sit at the counter, order an American with fried onions, and enjoy. Nachojawn is a fan of the chopped steak style, while some prefer the sliced version that you’ll find at a place like Steve’s Prince of Steaks.

And if you end up by Cheesesteak Vegas, it’s ok, you can have a Pat’s. But Prima Pizza is right there, and better.

Happy New Year to all FON’s!




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