Back to El Vez

During Winter Break, Mrs. Nachojawn and Little Miss Nachojawn joined me for lunch at El Vez. They were still off from work and school, but I had to earn the nacho money for 2017.

We started off with the Nacho Mamma. El Vez’s nachos have gone through a few iterations in recent years, and i would put the newest versions below the originals, but above last year’s version.


They’re advertisted as having black beans, smoked chile salsa, crema fresca, white cheddar, and monterey jack. Obviously they’re some chunky tomatoes on top too, as well as pickled onion. Not a bad effort, and the Starr Organization’s commitment to single layer tray nachos is evident.

What does Little Miss Nachojawn think?


3.93/5 pickled jalapeños – Eat these with almost the whole family. Nachojawn Jr. was polishing his low post skills at Sixers camp.



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