Fox & Son

You’ve read Nachojawn’s take on Meltkraft before. A couple times, in fact.

Two of Meltkraft’s finest have opened up Fox & Son in the Reading Terminal, and these two know their way around a fryer.


Here’s the standard corn dog with an order of fried cheese curds, and the chimichurri sauce. The curds come with a thin ranch dipping sauce, a splash of which ended up on my dog when I had to try a curd before I sat down.

Verdict – Yes.



After trying to work some of those calories off, I returned a week later to try this jalapeno cheddar dog. It was awesome, the cornmeal coating a little thicker than on my previous visit.


And while I was sampling, I ordered up some fresh cut fries. I told Rebecca that I’d like to see some combos on the menu, either a dog and curds, or a dog and fries, maybe with the fresh squeezed lemonade they have.

So, if you want to treat your body wrong, but your stomach oh so right, head over to the newest stand in RTM.


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