Jalapeño Restaurant – Georgetown, DE

The U9 Philadelphia Athletics took a trip down to Rehoboth Beach to play in the Rally Cap Open. Nachojawn Jr. built up a hunger at the 8:30 AM game with a leadoff hit out of the cleanup spot.



All eyes were on Nachojawn to see if I could find some decent Mexican food in Georgetown, Delaware, a town of almost 7,000 that is more diverse than would be expected for an inland Delaware town.



The chips and guacamole, if I’m being generous, were “Delaware style”. A creamy, thinner sort of guac, and not my favorite chip. But we’re willing to pack them away to fuel up for the afternoon.


Nachojawn went for the enchiladas de mole, a go to when confronted with a nacho-less menu. The beans were similar in texture to the guacamole, which actually was conducive for dipping.


I think this was for about 16 people. Solid.


Nachojawn Jr. put away his tacos and went out to pitch in the afternoon. Fun time for all!


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