Lancaster Brewing Company

With Nachojawn Jr away at overnight camp, Mrs. Nachojawn, Little Miss Nachojawn and I set off for the Turkey Hill Experience, with a few pitstops along the way.

The first stop was beautiful and bustling Lititz, PA.

We hit up the Julius Sturgis pretzel bakery and headed to Lancaster for some lunch.

These are the pork bbq nachos – together with the 12 beer sampler. I was a big fan of these – cherry bbq pork, queso and cheddar cheeses, corn, beans and jalapeños. The only deduction is for the guacamole from a bag/can.

After that, it was a quick drive to Columbia, PA, home of the Turkey Hill Experience.

We got the premium tickets which include the taste lab, where you'll make your own pint of ice cream, complete with flavor concentrate and mix-ins.

Additional unlimited samples are available upstairs, where you can also design your own packaging and film a Turkey Hill commercial.

After those light bites, it was time to hit up a Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord. We ate at Dienner’s. Mrs. Nachojawn couldn't get enough of the buttered noodles, and I must have had 4 rolls.
Little Miss Nachojawn picked the fried shrimp out of their breading.

Major fun day for the Nachojawn Crew.

4.22/5 pickled jalapeños -eat these in between gorging yourself in PA Dutch country.

BBQ Pork Nachos – $12
Lancaster Brewing Company
302 N Plum St Lancaster


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