Pizzeria Beddia


Pizzeria Beddia, Bon Appetit’s Best Pizza in America, was the site of El Loco Dentista’s birthday fete. Joe Beddia makes 40 pizzas a day, opens the door (only Wednesday through Saturday) at 5:30, and is usually sold out by 5:45.


Here’s the plain. How is it? Ethereal. Read the Bon Appetit article for fancier descriptions of what goes into it, but know this – this pizza is fucking delicious.


Here’s the zucchini, basil, garlic and fresh cream pizza. Delicious.


Finally the Arrabiata. Spicy as hell. Also delicious.

Is it the best pizza in America? Maybe. Is it the best pizza I’ve ever had? Yes. Have I eaten a lot of pizza? Yes.



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