Six Feet Under

A new gastropub right off of Washington Square, Six Feet Under was relatively empty when Mrs. Nachojawn and I stopped in for a bite at the bar one Sunday evening.

Little Miss Nachojawn and Nachojawn Jr. were off school for a couple of days, and staying with grandparents, so what better way to take advantage than to eat some bar nachos?


Here are the chicken nachos, with corn salsa, jalapeños, plenty of sour cream, and a homemade cheese sauce, which was delicious, but lukewarm.

Overall these were solid bar nachos, accompanied by some well balanced cocktails. I had the 1829, which was Cazadores blanco, ipa, lime juice, agave nectar, jalapeno, and a splash of orange juice.

Worth a trip if you’re in the area.

3.24/5 pickled jalapeños – make sure to tell them to heat up that queso!

Six Feet Under
727 Walnut Street


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