Frida’s, Limerick, PA

After a little bit of work in Royersford, PA, Nachojawn put on the mask in search of Mexican food. I stopped into Frida’s Bella Mexican Food (no relation to Frida’s Cantina in South Philly.


Fresh chips and salsa with a sidral to startimg_0914


I had a pretty decent hunger going so I ordered up the pastor burrito. I was afraid the sauce was going to be too sweet but it was better balanced than I anticipated. The potato chips were a little random but I guess that’s how they roll in the ‘burbs. The cheese melted well, nicely balanced ingredients and composition made this another strip mall winner.



2 thoughts on “Frida’s, Limerick, PA

    • Franklin – traditionally only nachos are reviewed on the 1-5 pickled jalapeño scale. But, since you specifically requested, Nachojawn’s official rating is a 4.02/5 pickled jalapeños


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