When I first ate at Tamarindo’s more than a decade ago, it was located in a strip mall in the Blue Bell area. A somewhat recent move to a stand-alone location in Flourtown has added a large patio to the mix.

Tamarindo’s also offers complimentary margaritas – I’ve consumed my fair share but quality wise you get what you pay for.

These nachos, with pickled onion, salsa verde, and pulled pork were slightly overdone which dried the meet out and overcharred some of the chips. Good effort and ideas, not as strong in the execution, including undercheesing.

3.31/5 pickled jalapeños – Tamarindo’s has been around for almost two decades because they make good food. Just make sure the nachos come out of the broiler on time.

726 Bethlehem Pike
Flourtown, PA



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