Taco Riendo

On a rainy night, Nachojawn Jr.’s Little League team hit the batting cages at 5th and Girard. I took this as an opportunity to take Little Miss Nachojawn just a block away for some nacho sampling.

B3BAC569-D10A-4477-B390-347FDFD36EF5These are the Nachos Especiales, although I’m not entirely sure what makes them so especial. Pretty basic stuff here — melted cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and some jalapenos. But they were fresh and hot and hit the spot while the Taney Jungle Cats took some batting practice.


4.05/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these after taking some batting practice, but wash your hands first

Nachos Especial – $9

Taco Riendo
1301 N 5th St


Loco Pez

Loco Pez

Loco Pez – Nachos de Kenzo

Okay, take a good look at these nachos. Notice anything weird? Here’s a hint. See Danielle’s dirty plate in the top left corner of the picture? That’s from the first round of nachos that we had at Loco Pez. These chumpies are so good that we reloaded for Round Two.

The Nachos de Kenzo are contenders for the CBL Heavyweight Nacho title belt. Just look at them. You’ve got some jack cheese, some cheddar, and I’m pretty sure some Oaxaca as well. Loco Pez also gives you two ingredients that you’re going to be seeing a lot of in the title contenders: pickled onions and chorizo. Why do these make nachos so good? I have no idea. I just take pictures of nachos and then eat them. What else is there? Carne asada, chicken, guacamole, crema – I’m pretty sure they just throw whatever is back in the kitchen on these guys.

Eat these nachos now. 4.75/5 pickled jalapeños.

Loco Pez
2401 East Norris Street
Nachos de Kenzo – $13