Khyber Pass Pub

Nachojawn Jr. and I played tourists one Saturday morning, heading down to Old City to walk around. After a little bit of history we stopped in to the Khyber for an early brunch.


These are the nachos with barbecue pulled pork, jack cheese, sour cream and a lot of green onion. They advertise a green tomato salsa, but I didn’t notice it. I paired it with a Bell’s Oarsman, because I can. Nachojawn Jr. is eating a burger across from me.

I liked them, but maybe it was the missing salsa or something else that was just a little lacking. Some pico de gallo, or any salsa really. It made them a little one-dimensional. Still, the Khyber is a pretty great bar that always has a good beer list.

3.95/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these after learning something new about our founding fathers

Small BBQ pulled pork nachos – $10

Khyber Pass Pub
56 S. 2nd St.
(215) 238-5888


Sidecar Revisited

The Nachojawn family took a happy hour outing to Sidecar, home of one of the earliest Nachojawn reviews. Those were of the chorizo nachos, which I liked, but thought were missing that je ne sais quoi. How would the pork nachos, at $7 during happy hour, fare under the judgmental taste buds of the Nachojawns?


So, my main issue with the nachos still stands. There just isn’t enough going on there. What is there, however, is really good. The pulled pork, and there is a lot of it, is tasty, the pineapple salsa is good (but I need a little more than a ramekin of it), and the cheese is well-melted on the above-average chips..

For $7 at happy hour, you can’t go wrong. Those pretzel crusted chicken bites hiding in the top left corner are pretty sweet too.

Pulled Pork Nachos – 4.2/5 pickled jalapenos – Eat these with a half-priced Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose with your family. It’s never to early, in the day or in life, for happy hour.

Sidecar Bar & Grille
22nd & Christian

Scottsdale – Spotted Donkey

These are less nachos than they are a vehicle for the pulled pork that constitutes a majority of the topping. We closed out our week long trip to Arizona with a dinner at the Spotted Donkey and their Donkey Nachos.

SpottedDonkeyNot your traditional presentation, you cant really even see the chips under there, and the ones that are there are whole tortillas. The double spoon technique worked well to scoop up the pulled pork, serrano chile roasted tomatoes, tomatillos, cheeses queso fresco, black beans, and mexican créma.

Not your everyday nacho, but the pork was tender and everything worked well together. Eating them with a couple Herradura margaritas was a great end to the trip, and closes this chapter of Arizona nacho reviews.

4.35/5 pickled jalapenos – eat these for a different take on nachos and aren’t in the mood for a chip-heavy version

Donkey Nachos – $12

Spotted Donkey
34631 N Tom Darlington Dr.
Carefree, AZ