Khyber Pass Pub

Nachojawn Jr. and I played tourists one Saturday morning, heading down to Old City to walk around. After a little bit of history we stopped in to the Khyber for an early brunch.


These are the nachos with barbecue pulled pork, jack cheese, sour cream and a lot of green onion. They advertise a green tomato salsa, but I didn’t notice it. I paired it with a Bell’s Oarsman, because I can. Nachojawn Jr. is eating a burger across from me.

I liked them, but maybe it was the missing salsa or something else that was just a little lacking. Some pico de gallo, or any salsa really. It made them a little one-dimensional. Still, the Khyber is a pretty great bar that always has a good beer list.

3.95/5 pickled jalapenos РEat these after learning something new about our founding fathers

Small BBQ pulled pork nachos – $10

Khyber Pass Pub
56 S. 2nd St.
(215) 238-5888


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