Mexico at the Bourse (Mexico & Latin Fare)

Look, this is a nacho blog. At some point I might have to expand to tacos too, but look at the title. NachoJawn. Which is a shame because these nachos are probably the worst looking things that I saw come out of Mexico at the Bourse, an authentic taqueria in the middle of a garbage food court.

IMG_0744I didn’t like the shredded lettuce, the nacho cheez, or the ice cream scoop of sour cream on top. Also, there wasn’t that much of it. You’ve got your standard chopped tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, and that’s about it. The homemade salsas are great, and the other stuff that I saw coming out of the kitchen looked like the real deal. it was tough to not order the tacos al pastor or tamales, but I made a commitment when I picked nachos. For better or worse.

2.3/5 pickled jalapeños – go for the tacos. But go, they looked great in what is the middle of a lunch wasteland.

Nachos – $6.50 (maybe, I didn’t keep a receipt)

Mexico & Latin Fare at the Bourse
The Bourse – 5th and Chestnut


2 thoughts on “Mexico at the Bourse (Mexico & Latin Fare)

  1. Do you not like cheese sauce in general or was this particularly bad? I prefer sauce to real cheese on nachos and these look really good to me.


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